The aim of the conference is to discuss what kind of research in adult education regarding gender are prevalent in academic communities, what are the philosophical and methodological backgrounds, how these issues influence formulation c of research questions, how they relate to current adult education practice and what attitudes and subjectivities of adult educators researchers produce. Besides looking at the present, we would like to explore how adult education history was constructed in relation to gender perspective and to offer possibilities to rewrite the past in a gender inclusive manner.

Having all these in mind, the conference will be organized around the following themes:

  • The role and the status of women in adult education history
  • Gendered methodology in adult education
  • Gender and epistemology in adult education research
  • Heteronormative influence on researcher identity and practice
  • Theory and gender in lifelong learning
  • Fields of gender research in educational practice

The Conference will provide spaces to engage participants with these and similar issues in workshops and plenary sessions, will be a forum for researchers to facilitate cooperation, exchange knowledge and experience, and to integrate PhD students into the field. In terms of deconstruction and change of traditional methodology of presenting research results we would welcome alternative and innovative approaches, for example performances, art, creative use of media, space and relations.